How to repurpose trash into cool designs

We all have all sorts of junk lying around in our homes. So, instead of getting rid of them, I show you how to repurpose them into useful organizers and decorations.
To keep your plastic bags altogether, I show you how to roll them (one inside the other) and make your own plastic bag dispenser. This way you can save some space too without having to shuffle through your kitchen cupboards to find what you need.
If you are getting rid of some blades, do it securely using this hack: place them inside a beverage can and seal it back again. I also show you how to discard old containers in order to save some space.
I show you how to make your own room décor – such as a plant stand using pool noodles. You simply stick them together and rotate them to achieve an ancient civilization kind of décor. Then you spray paint them the color of your choice and voila.
I also show you some money-saving tricks too. For example, you can take an old plastic reusable bag and turn it into an apron by just cutting its sides.

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