DIY Jewelry ideas you should make from scratch

We all love shiny things that could give our outfit that extra spark. But, sometimes constantly buying new jewelry that you can only wear once is expensive. So, in this video, I show you how to come up and make your own jewelry from scratch. Plus, they’ll be as creative as you can be and one of a kind.
In the first video, I show you how one craftsman made a beautiful ring using a nut. He cropped and carved it and buffed it with surgical precision to give it a beautiful look.
If you have some spoons laying around, you can repurpose them into beautiful jewelry filled with epoxy resin. You could add glitter in the glue and then make your own beautiful necklace.
If you have some sea-shells laying around, I show you how to use them alongside some craft pearls and some blue resin to turn them into adorable summer earrings.
You can also add some gold or silver chains on an old zipper and turn into a styling choker or a bracelet.

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