One of the most satisfying things after a stressful day is slime. It makes amazing asmr sounds that help you relax just by listening to it.
If you are more creative and you’d like to try out your skills. I show you some relaxing art ideas you can try using acrylic paint. You layer it in blobs in either a circle or in a heart shape and using a hummer you smash it to give it a 3D textured look.
You can also add some paint on a dustpan. You simply add different colors without mixing them, and then you drag the pan on top of a white canvas. This is also a brilliant way to decorate your home with such abstract paintings.
Another thing you can try is carving kinetic sand. This is an amazing trick to activate your zen mode. The sounds it makes against the knife a very satisfying to hear.
You can also try some soap carving. This is a create way to instantly relax and meditate.

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