Body hacks and magic tricks everyone will love

Are you looking for some ideas on how to have fun with your friends? Then you’ll love this amazing tricks and tutorials I have for you in this video.
If you try to put your hand up, stretched against a wall when you try to repeat that your hand will be shorter.
You can also use your hands to measure things. For example, the size of your feet is the same as the distance between your palm and your elbow.
Did you know that your hair are very strong? Each individual hair can hold up to 0.2lb.
I also show you some amazing trick on how to paint or draw someone’s portrait. For example, the eyes are the same width as your nose. And the ears are as big as the vertical distance between the eyes and the nose.
But it doesn’t end there. I also show you some tricks you can use to your advantage. For example, when you get hiccups, raise your arms up in the air to make it go away.
Watch until the end to find out all my tips on how to distress.

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