Aloe Vera is an incredible succulent that has been very popular since ancient times. Leaves of this succulent contain a lot of essential oils, vitamins, and antioxidants to moisturize your skin and heal wounds. A lot of beauty products contain aloe vera gel but you can also make a lot of aloe-based beauty products at home. Aloe vera gel works perfectly treat wounds, hair loss, sunburn, and digestive issues.Watch this video and find a lot of aloe vera beauty recipes that you can easily make at home:
-Combine aloe vera gel and honey, beat using a blender. Freeze and use to for wound healing
-You can easily make an eyebrow tint at home using aloe vera gel and eyeshadows
-You will find a great recipe against stretched marks – use aloe vera gel
-Try this recipe for open pores – combine aloe vera gel, rose water, sugar and lemon juice
-Hair loss is a real disaster for any girl! Try this natural recipe for hair loss mask: combine yogurt, aloe vera gel, banana, and vitamin E. Beat this mixture using a blender. Natural vitamins will help to stop hair loss
-Try this mask to reduce wrinkles: combine yogurt, honey, aloe vera gel, and spirulina
-Aloe vera gel helps to boost energy if you feel tired in the morning. Try this energy cocktail: combine aloe vera gel. lemon and sparkling water
-Moisturize your dry lips using aloe vera gel
-If you prefer natural cosmetics, mix aloe vera gel with food coloring to get natural lip gloss. Your lips will look stunning!
-If you want to look fabulous at the beach and get rid of the cellulite, try to make this mask! In a bowl, combine coconut oil and aloe vera gel. Apply daily after bathing on cellulite affected areas

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