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If you’ve got a ton o stuff lying around in your home, then don’t worry you can repurpose them into amazing and useful crafts that will help you pass the time.
You can take a large plastic barrel and cut in half, then you can attach it to some legs and a table frame. After that, you need a flat board with a football field, then some pipes for the players and voila. You’ve just made yourself a mini football.
If your wire charger is starting to split, you can fix it using some melted plastic from a plastic bottle cap.
I also show you a cute way to cut plastic bottles and then turn them into an adorable suspended plant pots display that will rotate around.
Another great trick is to cut off the top half of a plastic bottle and turn it into a cute egg holder for your hard-boiled eggs.
You can also use a cutting from a plastic bottle and a broken piece of wood and connect them together by melting the bottle around it.


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