Watch this video to find cool life hacks that will change your life:
-You will learn how to curl your hair using pantyhose
-Check out how to make a beautiful hairstyle using a pencil
-Use lip balm to style your brows
-We share an easy tutorial on how to make gradient manicure
-You are very skinny but dream about curvy hips, use sanitary pads to add a curve
-Check out a cool and easy way how to shorten long handbag strap
-If you don’t know how to get rid of iodine stains, you should use sodium sulfate
-You can easily make a perfect scrub for your skin – combine coffee waste and aloe vera gel. Coffee exfoliates your skin perfectly and gently removes dead skin cells. Exfoliation is very important for your skin because it boosts blood circulation and rejuvenates it
-We know a perfect beauty product to moisturize your lips. You will need rose petals and glycerin. Check out an easy tutorial
-We know how to shrink stretched scrunchies using boiling water. Fill a glass with boiling water and put a scrunchie inside. Leave to soak and it will look as good as a new one.
-You can easily turn a paperclip into a faux nose ring. Find an easy step by step tutorial

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