What kind of nail polish do you prefer to use? I always choose gel nail polish as it lasts much longer than regular nail polish. Moreover, gel nail polish protects your nails during daily routines. Besides, you can create hundreds of designs that look gorgeous and there is no need to go to the nail salon. A broken nail is not a problem anymore because you will find a brilliant lifehack of how to extend nails with gel at home.
The easiest idea is to use holographic nail powder. Cover nails with a base coat, after that with the color you like and dry. Finally, using a makeup brush gently press the powder onto the nail. Cover with top cover. This design looks stunning!
If all these designs seem boring to you, watch this video and make velvet nails. Besides, it’s a cool way to prank your friends. You will need fluffy powder and nail polish of a similar color. Put powder into the container. Apply the nail polish and while it’s still wet, place your nails into powder. Let dry and enjoy!
Another cool idea is bubble nail art. You will need dish soap, gel nail polish, and a makeup brush. Cover the nail with a base coat and after with any color you like. Place foam over the nail and leave for 2 minutes. Remove the foam and cover it with topcoat.
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