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Do you want to cook something special? Watch this video to find incredible dishes like omelets made in watermelon, watermelon bites, fried sausages with pickles and a lot more!
Let’s start with a cool breakfast idea that you can use to amaze your friends. Cut a watermelon in half and remove the flesh from one half. Crack eggs inside, ad pepper, onions, and other vegetables. Boil this half of a watermelon and delicious omelet is ready. One more delicious idea for breakfast is apple pancakes that you can prepare in no time. To make apple pancakes choose big apples and wash the, properly. In a bowl, combine eggs, sugar, flour, oil, cinnamon, and milk. Stir the mixture properly. Cut apples in rings, dip into the dough and fry.
The next appetizer is incredibly cool and best choice for a party. Watermelon bites are very easy to make and the tutorial is very easy. Cut watermelon into small pieces. To speed up the process you can use cookie cutters. In a bowl, combine starch with water and properly stir. Add egg whites and stir again. Dip watermelon bites into this mixture and fry in vegetable oil.
If you want to prepare quick dessert that is incredibly delicious – fried bananas are the best choice. Here is a step by step recipe of fried bananas: cut a banana and place in a bowl. Add some milk, cinnamon, flour and turmeric. Stir properly and fry in vegetable oil.

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