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Hilarious things you can try with you and your friends

Hey guys, are you looking to have some fun with your buddies? Then, in this video I wanted to show you some fun challenges that you can try at a party or on camera to have a laugh.
You can try the nail polish challenge – where you layer a ton of manicure on your nails and try to reach up to 100 layers or more.
Another thing you can try with layers is the t-shirt challenge. In that one, you try to put on as many t-shirts as you can until you aren’t able to move anymore. Then you can move on to coats.
A more viral challenge that everybody loves is the marshmallow challenge or the chubby bunny challenge. Where a person tries to fit as many marshmallows in their mouth as they can. To make it a bit more difficult, while doing that, you can try to say chubby bunny. If you fail to do so, then you lose.
Have you seen any of those reality/host tv shows where a celebrity has to put their hands in a box without even looking and guess what they are touching? Well, isn’t that a hilarious challenge and a genius way to prank your friends? You’ve tried it in this video: 1:46

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