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If you’ve been at home these past days and you’re looking for a way to improve your health and stay in shape, I show you some easy exercises you can do while you’re doing housework.
If your dog likes getting into the laundry basket, you can use it to work out your arms.
You can also use toilet paper, trap it between your feet and try to grab it while going crunches.
You can also do some cardio while cleaning the floor. Spray some floor spray on the surface, apply some cleaning clothes on top, step on them and start cleaning.
I also show you some cool stretches you can try by leaning / pressing against your bookshelves. They will help you improve your posture and prevent you from overwhelming your muscles.
You can do some pushups against two chairs. You just need to keep the ones opposite each other apart to raise the level of difficulty.
Watch until the end to see the couples’ workout session inspired from the 80s. This way you can get fit with your other half.


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