Girly situations no man can relate to

Ok, we all know the struggles of a beauty routine. So, to help some guys understand us, I put them through the same situations we go through.
I asked them to put on a pair of heels and walk up a flight of stairs.
Every person with long nail extensions knows how difficult it is to type something on a computer, so to help some guys understand us, I gave them a long nail manicure to show them the real struggles of having claws. When you struggle to get some toilet paper, or when you try to zip your trousers.
Of course, applying false lashes was an extremely slow process to learn. – The glue goes everywhere, and it was hard to keep our eyes un-glued.
But the real problem came when we asked our guy friends to apply a winged liner. They ended up looking like pirates, but at least they got how difficult our beauty routine is.
I also show you the difference between two types of girls, and all of us can relate to both of them.

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