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In this video, I show you some delicious ideas and recipes that you can try when you get hungry. They are very easy to reproduce and the only thing you’ll need is some cheese a couple of other basic ingredients.
I show you how to make cheese fried rice using unsalted butter, rice, some stock water and after it gets cooked add some parmesan cheese in the mixture. You can spread it on a baking tray and then create rice balls with pieces of beef inside them.
I also show you how to make tasty onion rings using cheese. You simply cut the onions in rings and fill the inside of each ring with slices of cheese. Then, dip them in some flour, egg wash, and breadcrumbs and fry them in some vegetable oil.
Instead of using bread to make tacos, you can use some cheese instead. You simply melt them in the oven and then you let them cool down. After that, you fill them with all the taco ingredients and voila.
Watch until the end to find out some more tasty pastry treats, you’ll fall in love with.


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