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Let’s celebrate the Cat Day together! Cats are one of the most mysterious and popular pets ever. Almost everybody loves these adorable animals. They are perfect companions and have perfect hunting instincts although they sleep twenty hours a day. Scientists say that we love cats because they have big eyes and another reason is unique purrs. Cat purr helps people relax and can even heal. There is nothing like a purring kitty in your lap 🙂 Moreover, cats purr to show affection to people.
Cat lovers will like this video as there are a lot of useful crafts! We always try to care for our pets and want the best for our little cuties. You will find a lot of ideas for a small budget. Start from making a comfy bed for a cat or dog. Reuse your old jeans or sweater to make a pillow that your pets will love. It’s a very sweet idea as your cat will sleep and think that you are near. Have you ever seen cat sweaters? You can make one using a sock. Find an easy tutorial. Kittens look extremely adorable in this sweater. Moreover, you can make inexpensive cat toys to have a lot of fun with your kitty!

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